My Partner Can’t Hang…

Oh, ya know…just staying up rather late because I’m fixated on a dynamic functionality for my [beloved] pet project when I noticed my REAL pet/partner-in-dev-crime can’t hang:


Seriously?! How do dogs sleep this way?!

Perhaps I’ll need to get a human dev partner one of these days. Or crack the whip on the boy! Just kidding, just kidding; he’s too friggin’ adorable.

Can’t wait to release a glimpse of this project! Hint: a clue lies in my “about” blurb at Stack Dog Solutions …oh, and :P

K, so that’s probably a crappy hint, but I just need a bit more time to ‘get it right.’ This site is something I’ve envisioned for a long time and I hope I can pull off what I’ve had in my head.  So far I’ve pushed myself to new levels, created some fun features, and streamlined a lot of my everyday dev processes. Not too shabby. Worst case, I keep it in dev and continue to learn from it. Though, I can assure you that I’m trying hard to make sure I have at least a few friends or my parents (inadvertently the best site testers) taking it for a spin in the near future!

Time to put my head to rest for a bit. Happy coding!


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