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DNS Inconsistencies – Joy!

Nothing pleases me like a broken website when all the code and connections are correct. That said, DNS changes are almost always my favorite tasks! ::cough:: To make it even more fun, I’m used to dealing with a stack of servers and network walls, which introduces so much caching fun. But remember, it’s most important to BE PATIENT with DNS. I’m so quick to assume I may have missed a step, but a few hours will likely prove that I’m just incapable of seeing a blank screen for more than 5 seconds.

Helpful resources —

A quick DNS tracing tool is:

A more thorough and rather sensitive version is:

Or, use “dig” in terminal e.g. “dig” for NS/Server/IP details

…and chill out for a second :)

Searching for clear understanding? Blog about it!

Finally! I’ve bitten the bullet and made a respectable (in my opinion) web presence for myself aside from my post-college, name-based websites in the past. Not only do I have a website to gladly hand off to potential clients, but I plan to build an issues archive for myself in the form of the site’s blog. Now, I am notoriously terrible at documentation and/or journal entries of any sorts. I rarely make lists; I don’t like diaries; and I like to move on to the next problem as fast as possible. Though, I’m starting to notice the times in which I encounter a problem that I’m quite sure I’ve tackled in the past. A little deja vu in a workday. Suddenly my “make the best of your time and push forward” side has a conflict of interests. Turns out it could be more efficient to mark down a learned lesson than to hope it looks familiar later down the road. Plus, like Oppenheimer said, the best way to learn is to teach it!

Or…at least tell about it in a blog. Perfect!

My-code-doesnt-work-I-have-no-idea-why-My-code-works-I-have-no-idea-whySo, I hope this is the first of many posts to come. I may kick and scream the first few, but I think it’ll turn into nice, brain exercises to help me better absorb any processes I overcome.

As much as I love to say, “I have NO idea how this code works but DON’T TOUCH IT!”, I think it’s best to start understanding each step with a little added effort in writing it all down. My younger developer self is cringing at my maturity and putting money on 10 or fewer posts.

Just another reason to keep at it :)

Happy coding!