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Logic meets spirited determination

Stack Dog is a challenge-seeking duo comprised of a developer and her dog.

Kristen loves solving problems, coding, sports, good design, and bad jokes.

Mariusz loves play sessions, dog tricks, fast runs, and feeding his endless curiousity.


The word "stack" has quite a few meanings, but two stand out the most

1. A stack of software, mainly comprised of open source software, will contain an operating system, Web server, database server, and programming language e.g. LAMP

2. To cause your dog to stand in a manner that best displays its virtues.

About Stack Dog

Together we display our best virtues in the form of great web solutions

Let us help you make your vision a reality.
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  • prep
  • jump
  • fetch

Always poised for new tricks

Current Stack Dog tricks include:

  • Server side

    • Maintenance
    • Hosting Advice
    • Process Formation
    • Data Structuring
  • CMS/Frameworks

    • Wordpress
    • CakePHP/MVC
    • Joomla/Drupal
    • ...or start from scratch!
  • Mobile Friendly

    • Bootstrap
    • Responsive CSS
    • jQuery/jQuery Mobile
    • ...learning native apps
  • Simple Design

    • Print work
    • UX Design
    • Brand Identity
    • ...even cartoons!
Bark Dog

While keeping track of lessons learned


Mastered: 04-08-2015


  Woah. So...that whole "I'm going to keep posting, archiving, documenting my dev life" thing sort of, um,¬†fizzled. BUT! I think I have good reasoning and, even better, some takeaways from my past year of pushing my comfort level¬†and diving into the unknown...Read More

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